Anna's Friendly Forest~ Quality Preschool Program

About Anna's Friendly Forest

My program provides many stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day. These activities fit into a flexible schedule in order to have consistency and routine, both of which are important for young children. Activities will focus on all different levels of learning, social, intellectual, math, language, science, nature, art, etc. I also believe that it is extremely important to learn through play. Play is how children learn about the world. 


Discipline Policy

I will always do what I can to:

*Model appropriate behavior

*Praise and encourage

*Reason with and set limits

*Modify the classroom in an attempt to prevent problems before they occur

*Provide alternatives for inappropriate behavior

*Respect the children's needs, desires, and feelings

*Use short supervised periods of "time out" as a last resort (one minute per age of child), after a "time out" we always talk about what happened and what the appropriate behavior is

*Be consistent


 I will NEVER:

*Physically punish the children

*Embarrass or punish children when bathroom accidents occur

*Deny food or rest as punishment

*Allow discipline of children by children

*Leave the children unattended or without supervision